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three years of development


Effective all night

Use MEDZOCK for 30 minutes before going to bed, and enjoy a full night's sleep.

Save up to €3500

Medications and other treatments for restless legs can cost €3740 yearly.

No side-effects

Secure solution that gives you relief and peace of mind.

No prescription

Simply place your order, and MEDZOCK will arrive within days with our fast and free shipping.

How MEDZOCK eases your restless legs

Three years of lab development

Medzys spent three years developing MEDZOCK to get it just right. The result is our patented HiSTREAM™  technology, containing three circulations units programmed to regenerate circulation. 


Simulates movement

MEDZOCK creates eccentric high speed circulations parallel to your skin. This outer influence simulates movement, putting your legs to rest. 


Tension relief - now and forever

The pain from restless legs is often minimal, but constant, keeping you up at night. MEDZOCK prevents the body from adapting to its vibrations, providing relief every time.  Finally a good night’s sleep!

MEDZOCK help people worldwide

Hear what customers say!

Finally sleep

“I am using MEDZOCK for 30 minutes before I go to bed. I can enjoy easy feelings in my legs, and fall to sleep as normal people. I wake up very happy every morning!”

John, 50

Pain free

“My restless legs occur with pain every evening. Now, I put on MEDZOCK when it starts. The pain goes away, and I can relax in the evening. I am also painless when going to bed.”

Mette, 48

Pregnancy help

“It is typical to get Restless Legs and night cramps during pregnancy. I got exhausted of the combination. MEDZOCK  removed symptoms. With enough sleep, I got my energy back.”

Cathrine, 46

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MEDZOCK is not a clinically tested cure against Restless Legs Syndrome. Such research costs millions, and Medzys, a young company, simply do not have the required resources at this point. We choose to be transparent about this as customer satisfaction is at the very center of our business. We offer 90-days free returns and therefore take all financial risk in the off chance that the effect is not as intented. 

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