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It's not just about tech - it's about helping people.

When Medzys was incorporated in 2017, our founder John had been suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome for over a decade. He tried medicines, but they were hard to acquire and came with severe side effects. He tried physical solutions, but found them ineffective and clumsy. Waking up sleep-deprived one morning, he concluded that there had to be a better way, taking the matter into his own hands. Three years of experimenting, testing, and pivoting has passed since then – and finally a product that truly moves the industry forward has arrived. Meet MEDZOCK – the powered wearable that gives restless legs a good night’s sleep without side effects.

To us, restless legs is personal. Having seen and experienced it first hand, we know how the condition with the “harmless name” really affects a person’s life. This is not just about sleep – it’s about life quality.

Medzys can best be understood through its motto – live better with self-treatment. Our goal is to help people reclaim their freedom through innovative wearable solutions. This is what drives us to help those 400 million people worldwide who suffer from restless legs. And this philosophy is also why we launched our second product, MEDZLEEVE, a wearable solution against the arm and hand pain that is so present in today’s digital world.

Our product portfolio, consisting of MEDZOCK and MEDZLEEVE, offers what is arguably the most advanced wearable and non-invasive solutions for restless legs and arm pain there is. Going forward, we will keep innovating and bring new, wearable solutions to everyday conditions. We invite you to take part in this process – and sincerely hope you will let us show you the power of self-treatment. 

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John Hornes

John Hornes

Founder - CEO
Morten Fjeldberg

Morten Fjeldberg

Co Founder - CTO
Ina Horntvedt

Ina Horntvedt

Co Founder - CCO
Simon Lofnes

Simon Lofnes

Digital marketer

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At Medzys we strive to put your legs to rest

It’s not just about tech – it’s about helping people. Read our story.


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“The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.” —Norman Vincent Peale
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