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It's not just about tech. It's about helping people.

Medzys is a company with a purpose to help other people. Many people suffers from low circulation in legs and arms. From cold feet, heavy sensation in legs, to restlessness. They are objects for afflictions. In some point of life the hard physical wear and tear results in complications. Arms and legs are far from your heart, and the blood has a lot of obstacles in its way. Medzys are creating self treatment devices to help increase blood circulation. We even direct the circulation the correct way back to torso and heart. Medzys are giving You the opportunity to self treat your problems, without drugs. 3 years of science, product development and user tests have resulted in the first of many products to come. “Restless Legs” are the inventor’s own problem and his dedication is to lower the symptoms so that the sleep routine can be normal again, without medication. This innovation is made in Norway by Norwegians.


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John Hornes

John Hornes

Ina Horntvedt

Ina Horntvedt

Co Founder - CCO
Morten Fjeldberg

Morten Fjeldberg

Co Founder - CTO

MEDZYS from Norway

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"Life's most important value is sleep."

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