Which type of massage can help my Restless Legs?

Which type of massage can help my Restless Legs?


Everyone with restless legs, by habit, rubs their legs when the sensations are active. But unfortunately, it usually does not help much.

Why? Because of the body's natural ability to counteract the outer influence. 

Our body is unique. It can adjust to not react to outer influences. It's similar to scratching your own back versus having someone else do it for you; the latter feels much better. 

It is a crucial issue with regular automatic massage tools. They are so slow and predictable that the body adjusts not to react, causing you not to get the wanted effect. 

Accordingly, it would help if you had something else when getting the tingling sensations of Restless Legs. 

It would be best to have speed - the body cannot counterwork sonic speed circulations.

It would be best if you had unpredictability - rhythmic vibrations jumping from pad to pad. The body cannot readjust to these signals.

It would be best if you had contact with the skin at several spots - to effectively stimulate blood flow and the oxygen levels in the legs. 

It would be best if you had a "loop reaction": Medzock makes the body oppose the extra similar interference from Medzock to your specific itching from restless legs. So the forced counteraction from the body is to lower the itching intensity, which calms your legs!

In the longevity aspect, unpredictable interference can lower restless legs permanently if the body reaches a new set point. Therefore, the patented buildup of Medzock with speed, vibration-free joints, and several stimuli points -keep giving you the same effect every night, and not least, they are vital for manipulating restless legs.

In a way, Medzock is a positive manipulator. You are getting your brain and body to believe that your legs are moving when you are sitting still. And since it is a 100% wearable technology, you don't have to do anything yourself. So the feeling is just as good as someone scratching your back!

The concept behind Medzock is to use it and go to sleep without itching or tingling. Medzock keeps the legs in this normal state for hours. The result? Wake up in the morning refreshed after a long night's sleep.