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TENS and EMS are giving you electrical shocks. We are giving You comfortable circulations. Not against Your skin, but with parallell movements in programmed system and low force.

MEDZOCK has friction free joints between the circulation pads and the pads have a porous surface. This combination is making the body not to adapt. In a way that the body are surprised on every impulse. The treatment will have full effect all the time.

“The best solution is to walk or move”. Yes, therefore we simulate movement (increased circulation). Outer influence: Yes, we give You very comfortable impulses that the body can not adapt to (that is the only way it will function). When Your legs are stimulated, You can go to bed, with no worries and in totally relaxed state. Your sleep will be like you never had restless legs.

Yes ! Night cramps are 100% guaranteed to not occur within 5 hours after using MEDZOCK. Inflammations, low circulations in general are areas where MEDZOCK will have an positive effect. Also Varicose cases are in test at our laboratory.

You should not use MEDZOCK if you have Diabetes or Hypertensia. For some it can be to intense. For some it can be ok. Buy the MEDZOCK, test it and return if you just want to try it out to see if it fits your needs.

We are a Norwegian company, with stock in Norway and the Netherlands. We will also establish warehouse in US and Canada. The delivery time in Europe is max 3 days. US and Canada is one week. No cost on deliveries ! No cost on returns ! We guarantee effect, therefore we give You 90 days to get convinced. Premium product and conditions for premium people!

The International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group described the following symptoms of restless legs syndrome (RLS):

  • Strange itching, tingling, or “crawling” sensations occurring deep within the legs; these sensations may also occur in the arms.
  • A compelling urge to move the limbs to relieve these sensations
  • Restlessness — floor pacing, tossing and turning in bed, rubbing the legs

Symptoms may occur only with lying down or sitting. Sometimes, persistent symptoms worsen while lying down or sitting and improve with activity. In very severe cases, the symptoms may not improve with activity.

In some people with RLS, the symptoms do not occur every night but come and go. These people may go weeks or months without symptoms (remission) before the symptoms return again.

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