About Us

After 15 years with restless legs, John needed to find a solution that didn`t involve risks. His aim was not to fix the problem but to reduce symptoms to achieve normal sleep. 

He started Medzys AS in Norway and developed the technology and the wearable product MEDZOCK. In the development, we had two targets and five theses that we had to fulfill. The targets were to increase O2 levels, decrease CO2 levels, and create a positive body response to the interference from Medzock. The thesis was to establish an unpredictable influence, that works every day (night), simulate movement, be comfortable, be able to control symptoms, and be wearable and sleepable. In three years we accomplished all parameters.

"We found some really important connections between restless legs and our technology. Medzock makes the body oppose the extra similar interference from Medzock to your specific restless legs. The forced counteraction from the body is to lower the sensation intensity, which calms your legs. In the longevity aspect, the unpredictable interference can lower restless legs permanently, -if the body reaches a new set point. The patented buildup of Medzock with speed, vibration-free joints, several stimuli points, -keep giving you the same effect every night, and are vital for manipulating restless legs. So you can sleep at night.