How MEDZOCK puts restless legs to sleep

Do you feel tingling in your legs at night? If so, you are not alone – 400 million people worldwide experience what is known as restless legs.

Restless legs is frustrating! There is sleepless nights, and there is social embarrassment due to shaking legs. Many feel misunderstood – friends and family not realizing how painful this condition is, despite its innocent name.

The treatments don’t make things better... Drugs come with side-effects, and often worsen symptoms over time. Vitamins and minerals (like magnesium) make little difference, and old-solutions like TENS are underwhelming.

There is simply no solution that effectively puts restless legs to sleep. Or that was the case - until now. Meet MEDZOCK :)

MEDZOCK is a new Norwegian solution, three years in development. Our founder John had suffered from restless legs for ten years when he discovered new research on the power of vibrations in giving restless legs relief. Making this scientific finding the basis of the project, we took it one step further, creating a technology that is truly unique.

We call this patented technology HiSTREAM™. Containing three vibration pads, the technology uses rhythmic vibrations to regenerate circulation in the legs. Most people with restless legs feel like they have to move around to remove the tingling. MEDZOCK stimulates small muscle contractions in the leg, mimicking movement to satisfy the crave. The result? You can lie in bed and go to sleep, instead of having to do move around yourself. And oh – as it is a physical solution, you do not have to worry about side-effects 😊.

How to use MEDZOCK

MEDZOCK is a wearable solution that is simple to use for everyone. Strap it around your leg, and turn it on for 30 minutes before bedtime. The effect comes from comfortable vibrations, and lasts through the night (don’t worry about MEDZOCK - it turns off automatically after 1 hour). You can use it for relief when you feel symptoms, or as prevention when you expect the symptoms to come soon. MEDZOCK includes a bag and a charger, and you can use it anytime, anywhere.

The response to this technology has been overwhelming. For many, finally feeling the relief after years of pain can be a very emotional experience. We are pleased to offer free shipping, and 60-days return to our customers. Click the shop button below to view MEDZOCK.


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Wearable solution for restless legs.

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