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MEDZLEEVE – The First Powered Wearable For Arm Pain

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Did you know that 20-40% of the working population suffers from arm pain? After two years of development there is finally a solution. Meet MEDZLEEVE – the first powered wearable for arm pain relief. MEDZLEEVE can be used for fast pain relief, to speed up the healing process, and to prevent injury in the first place by warming up the arm.

Muscle pain in the arm comes from the small repetitive movements we do all day in this digital world. When we are holding our arms still and clicking on keyboards and smartphones, this prevents a healthy blood circulation in the arm and hands. The consequence is injury and inflammation, which does not recover due to the constriction of blood flow.

MEDZLEEVE utilizes circulatory vibration technology. This technology is backed by scientific literature, and stimulates an increase in blood circulation. The blood circulation transfers waste away from the inflammation, and increases oxygen intake in the cells. This speeds up the natural healing process of the body, and gives quick pain relief. Additionally, it warms up the arm, preventing the injury in the first place.

In practice, this effect is the same as to the exercises your physiotherapist or practitioner hands you – only faster, better, and automatically. Simply place MEDZLEEVE on your forearm while you work, or put it on for 5-10 minutes before you exercise. The feeling itself is one of comfort, and the product is portable and minimalistic with its Nordic design and quiet operation.

Can be used by:

  • Office workers
  • Smartphone users
  • Gamers/Esports
  • Gym/Weight lifting
  • Tennis players
  • Golf players

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