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MEDZOCK Single (Delivery November)
90 days free return

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Medzock is the solution that gives you the freedom to self-treat Restless Legs when you need it.

Medzock releases tension and the urge to move will be reduced. One treatment every night will normally be enough to keep symptoms away.

Medzock is made wearable and you can use it whenever you want. Put them on for 30 minutes before going to sleep or when you feel restless. They will automatically turn off after 40 minutes. Go to bed with your legs feeling calm. Now you can relax and sleep all night. As you get into a normal sleep cycle, you will feel better and enjoy your life as you should.

You can use it wherever you wish.

No prescription. No side-effects.

Save the tedious trip to the practitioner. Save the risky medicines with uncertain effects. Enjoy MEDZOCK, a safe solution to restless legs.

Three years of lab-development.

True innovation takes time. Enjoy new technology tailored to relieve restless legs.

Made by Norwegians. Nordic design.

We put our customers first with uncompromising quality and simplicity.

Free shipping. Free returns.

MEDZOCK works. We take all financial risks and offer free shipping and free 90-days returns.


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90 days free return”

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