Physical solution for restless legs. Use before bedtime for symptom-free nights. Gives you peace and calm in your legs in a safe way. Scroll down to read more.

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MEDZOCK® is wearable, and can be used in bed or on the go. Use it when restless legs occurs for relief, or before it occurs for prevention. Our vision is rest without heavy medications. MEDZOCK® is a safe, no side-effect solution to restless legs. Reclaim control over your days and nights with MEDZOCK®!

How MEDZOCK® works for you

MEDZOCK® is equipped with three vibration units on each leg. It uses rhythmic vibrations to regenerate circulation, stimulate movement, and give counter-stimulation of symptoms. With our patented vibration technology, the effect will be as good in a year as it is today. The effect lasts through the night for peaceful sleep.

What Science Says

"Four weeks of treatment with vibrating pads safely improved sleep in patients with restless legs syndrome."

Burbank et al., Journal of Parkinsonism and Restless Legs Syndrome (Volume 3, 2013)​.​​

"For patients with moderately severe RLS, vibratory stimulation pads were as effective and safe as FDA-approved RLS drugs."

Burbank et al., Journal of Parkinsonism and Restless Legs Syndrome (Volume 3, 2013)​.​​

"Whole body vibration significantly decreased symptoms associated with RLS."

Mitchell et al., Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (Volume 12, 2016).

How to use MEDZOCK®

Place it on your legs 30 minutes before bedtime, or whenever you feel tingling. Turn it on, and choose one of the four vibration programs. MEDZOCK turns off automatically after 45 minutes, and the effect lasts through the night.

How long do you plan to use MEDZOCK®?

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In the box

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