MEDZOCK® is a safe and reliable way to treat tingling and restlessness in your legs. Use it throughout the day to maintain focus, or before sleep for a better night's rest. Suitable for everyone* with restless legs.    * About 90 % of users report improved sleep and better rest. If you're one of the unlucky few, you're naturally entitled to return the product for free within 60 days for a complete refund.


60 days money-back guarantee

Free shipping EU, CA, USA

5-7 days delivery time

Easy to use

Put Medzock on your legs 60 minutes before bedtime, or whenever you feel tingling. Turn it on, and choose one of the 4 programs. Medzock turns themselves off automatically after 45 minutes, so don't be afraid to fall asleep! Use it as much as You want, with no risk, just benefits. Medzock us extremely light and flexible. That is why they are easy to wear, You can walk, run and play with Medzock on.

A safe and reliable way

Medzock creates a noise-canceling system that stops the negative signals from restless legs, giving you a normal state with lower or no sensations. This new state lasts for 1-8 hours. Medzock also provides flow and peripheral nerve stimulation. So either way, You will get relief to sleep or relax.

Medzock gives relief to feet, calves, knees and thighs.

Relief in a box

You will get 2 rechargeable Medzock with 1 carrying bag, 1 USB mini charger, comfortable elastic straps in one size fits all. User manual and custom-made packaging. Medzock has 4 programs to choose from, and only 2 buttons to manage. Very easy to use. Norwegian quality. You have a wearable, self-treatment device, that You can use every time the troubles come.

60 days free return

You can try Medzock for 60 days to feel the effect.