Our RLS Story

After 15 tiresome years with restless legs, I decided to explore the possibility to develop a much awaited aid for my RLS. The goal has always been to develop a sustainable and healthy solution. Based on my own experiences, we developed our own technology based on relevant Scandinavian science. Key solutions were developed together with SINTEF, a Norwegian tech-institution, to maximize the effect of the technology. When we were getting closer to a solution, we got 50 users to test the prototype. The results were overwhelming! We just had to get this out in the market. We adjusted and optimized some, before we finally started production in 2021. The product is called Medzock, and is a physical, no side-effect aid for restless legs. It is a system that increases circulation to the legs, and reduces the tingling. We have already put more than 400 legs to sleep, and hope to help more people in the RLS community get the quality and amount of sleep they deserve.

The Medzys Team

John Hornes, CEO

Morten Fjeldberg, CTO

Simon Lofnes, CMO




Only someone with restless legs can create a physical solution that works. You know firsthand what is needed - movement, circulation, and counter-stimulation. And of course “the little extra”, that is our patented technology. We made this together with the tech-institution SINTEF over three hard years of testing and experimentation. Now we finally can offer 400 million people with restless legs something that is safe, comfortable, and wearable.


Innovation Project Occupational Health - Medzys + Bergen Kommune + Innovation Norway.
Mousearm/repetitive strain injury is a common injury increasing in occurrence due to workplace habits and lifestyle changes. Today’s solutions are static and out-dated. Medzys wanted to create an active, wearable unit based on the principles of pain relief during work, rehabilitation, and prevention. Bergen Municipality saw the social and economic value of a reduction in sick leave for workers. They contribute participants and financial support in the project, together with Innovation Norway. The project is in its last phase, and the product is in pre-production.


Our latest project is based on resonance-effect and compression. We want to create powered products that press directly on pain points, is wearable, affordable, and give pain relief. Shoulder, golf/tennis elbow, and foot pain (Plantar Fasciitis) is first out.


The marathon point is an acupuncture point on the knee that gives extra performance in all sports. We are making the world’s first electronic stimulation for acupuncture, containing a convex vibratory sphere.