Our Story

After 10 years with Restless Legs, John needed to find a solution that does not involve medications and side effects. His aim was not to “cure” the problem, but to reduce symptoms to achieve normal sleep. He founded Medzys, and developed the technology and wearable product MEDZOCK. Sonic, rhythmic vibrations, with vibrations free joints in between. The technology gives the “feeling of movement” the restless legs crave, so you can go to sleep.
John saw new possibilities in the technology. Medzys is today a group technologists from Norway, creating wearable technology for musculoskeletal disorders. We focus on recovery, pain reduction and performance. Our goal is simple: to get people back in action and improve life quality through wearable technology.

The Medzys Team

John Hornes, CEO

Morten Fjeldberg, CTO

Simon Lofnes, CMO




Only someone with restless legs can create a physical solution that works. You know firsthand what works - movement, circulation, and counter-stimulation. And of course “the little extra”, that is our patented technology. We made this together with the tech-institution SINTEF over three hard years of testing and experimentation. Now we finally can offer 400 million people with restless legs something that works, and is harmless, comfortable, and wearable. Put it on at night and let the technology give you what you need: sleep!


Innovation Project Occupational Health - Medzys + Bergen Kommune + Innovation Norway.
Mousearm/repetitive strain injury is a common injury increasing in occurrence due to workplace habits and lifestyle changes. Today’s solutions are static and out-dated. Medzys wanted to create an active, wearable unit based on the principles of pain relief during work, rehabilitation, and prevention. Bergen Municipality saw the social and economic value of a reduction in sick leave for workers. They contribute participants and financial support in the project, together with Innovation Norway. The project is in its last phase, and the product is in pre-production.


Our latest project is based on resonance-effect and compression. We want to create powered products that press directly on pain points, is wearable, affordable, and give pain relief. Shoulder, golf/tennis elbow, and foot pain (Plantar Fasciitis) is first out.


The marathon point is an acupuncture point on the knee that gives extra performance in all sports. We are making the world’s first electronic stimulation for acupuncture, containing a convex vibratory sphere.