Warning EUR 8 Mill scam: Medzys AS is under attack from Egalify-Ventures and a Swiss look-alike Medzys Group Holding AG

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If You have invested. IP rights belongs to us

Then You have lost Your money. You have probably paid to Egalify-Ventures GmbH. These money did never get to Medzys AS or Swiss Medzys AG. In the Swiss Medzys AG, the only asset is a Porsche 911. The dash were used to drugs, cars, and a real estate outside Zurich. One partner got EUR 1 mill CHF when he left the company, just not to expose the scam. PS: Egalify-Ventures claims that they have the IP for Medzock, this is not correct. The only asset is the Porsche. The IP is secured by the inventors of Medzock. See more below:

"We do not accept that a Venture Company can get away with the fact that they destroy our invention and a perfect therapy for millions of people with RLS. We will take them down, and destroy their reputation and possibilities to scam others in the future!"


Will You join us in saving Medzock? Do do You have information that can help us? We will expose everything through all channels and news within the next days. And we look forward to it.

Names, story and companies soon to be revealed in the news