Say goodbye to

physical self treatment with GREAT EASE


Increase blood circulation

MEDZOCK creates a soothing feeling of movement.

No side-effects.

No side-effects.

Drug free treatment. Healthy and comfortly reduction of symptoms.

Engineered for all-day use.

Engineered for all-day use.

Whenever the symptoms are occuring —use MEDZOCK.

Discreet. Use it anywhere.

Discreet. Use it anywhere.

In the office, on an airplane or during dinner; only you know the secret.

Self-help for restless legs
that works


The way to ease your restlessness.

Simulates movement

Medzock uses groundbreaking technology to increase  circulations, override symptoms and create a soothing feeling of movement

Only positive side effects

There is no good reason to take expensive medication with side-effects. Because MEDZOCK does the job with comfort and will put a smile on your face.

Relieves tingling in your legs

Improved circulation in your legs takes away the discomfort. Simulation of movement gives vitality and brushes away the restlessness. 

Get ready to experience a good night's sleep again.

Are you tired of being tired?  Here’s how you can start getting better and more sleep today: It’s simple. MEDZOCK will significantly relax your ever restless legs.

Since they are wearables, you continue your every-day activites as usual. Picture this: You put them on 30 minutes before getting ready to sleep, go brush your teeth, have a soothing cup of tea, then go to bed — knowing that your legs are totally relaxed. Now you finally can fall in to sleep and sleep through the night. The mornings, and the days unfolding, energize and renew you. Feel vitalized again! The best solutions are often easy.

MEDZOCKs are easy to wear anywhere, just like a comfortable shirt or a new pair of shoes.

Human friendly technology

Companion for life.

Made from high-quality materials and engineered by scientists

Three years of development in a laboratory. High end materials in three different softness grades, advanced electronic technology. All to give you energy and circulation back to your legs.

Wear them anytime and anywhere

MEDZOCK takes up little space, and comes with a carrying box. Easy to put on, and you can use them what ever you are doing, and where ever you are.

Integrated pulsating motors tailored to conquer your restlessness

3 circulation units programmed to regenerate flow and circulation back to torso and heart. We have managed to isolate the impulses with vibration free joints. That is why the body will not adapt to the rhytm, making MEDZOCK work every time.

Made to last

See Specifications

Drive Unit
3x Excentric circulatory units. Enclosed moving parts.
Start/stop button Select interval button USB mini charging port. Automatic stop function
Rechargeable/USB. 7 hours normal use in normal enviroment.
<3hours @ 5V 500mA charging time. By USB charger or port.
Molded ultra thin fiber structured pads with elastic shaped isolated joints.
Strap bands
Soft skin velvet fabric with elastan
One size fits all
Enclosed all alternative sizes of strap band included. Choose to fit
In use
Perfect mobility. High comfort in use. Stays in position when moving.
Storage and travel
Smart carrying box included. Easy and safe to keep in when travel.
MEDZOCK helps people

Hear what they say!

Finally sleep

“I am using MEDZOCK in 30 minutes before I go to bed. I can enjoy easy feeling in my legs, and fall to sleep as normal people. Every morning I wake up happy every morning!”

John, 50

Pain free

“My restless legs occur with pain every evening. Now, I put on MEDZOCK when it starts. The pain goes away, and I can relax at evening. I am also painless when going to bed.”

Mette, 48

Pregnancy help

“It is typical to get Restless Legs and night cramps during pregnancy. I got exhausted of the combination. MEDZOCK  removed symptoms. With enough sleep, I got my energy back.”

Cathrine, 46
a better life awaits

And just like that. You're restless no more.


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