"I sometimes wonder if my legs are even there"

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Translation: "I have used it now for 12 days. I have not experienced restless legs while driving since I started using the device. I usually get restless legs at night, but now I use the device and it calms the legs. I will try to reduce my use of medications now. So far I am very satisfied. I’ve been in contact with Medzys twice, and both times I got a quick response and very good service. This I can recommend!”

For this customer, being able to bring MEDZOCK anywhere was of great benefit. It was especially useful during trips with her car, in which she was sitting still for long periods. MEDZOCK comes with a bag and a USB - charger, so you can bring it wherever you go. 

Translation: "I have used mine 4 nights in a row and I am significantly calmer in my legs already. I am still up once or twice a night, but I sleep better and for longer durations. I agree in regards to your comment about the entrepreneurs behind the device. I have been in contact with them several times, and I always get a response fast. Hurray for Medzock!”

This customer says she noticed a difference in her sleep already within four days of use. She was especially satisfied with the customer service, and thankful the problem finally gets taken seriously. 

Translation: "Status: I have now used Medzock daily since 27.7.21. I use the device before bedtime or whenever I feel the need. Results: My legs hurt much less than before. I sleep much better at night. Before I took three pills daily, now I am down to two. Going forwards: I will remove another pill so I only take one daily. Will try to remove the last one in about a month."

This customer says he was able to reduce his substance intake already after two weeks. Woohoo!

Translation: "I use them almost every night since I bought them, and feel improvement. I sleep all night! Happy they exist!" 

This customer was happy she finally found a physical device for her sleep problem. 

"I cannot remember the last time I slept this well".

This customer was surprised at how calm his legs were only after two days of use. He also comments how his legs were less stiff. 

Translation: "Hey. I have now tried mine for a night, and I had no restless legs during that period. Excited to see if the continuation is just as good!".

We advise to use MEDZOCK daily for two weeks to get full use of the product, but this customer noticed a difference after only one day. 

This customer loves using MEDZOCK while watching TV before going to bed. He uses it right before bedtime for sleep. 

"Sometimes I even wonder if my legs are still there!"

This customer wrote a longer comment about his satisfaction with Medzock. We were so happy to hear about his improvement!